06 September, 2013

That 60's Obsession!

So this saturday i watched "blowup". A famous movie by the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni. If someone says this movie is about a mystery-thriller about a fashion photographer finding out about a murder, man s/he is soo wrong!! This movie is SOO MUCH more than that!! Its a modern art masterpiece which absorbed the cultural influences of that era and portrayed them in a beautiful, rather bizarre, surreal way. I found this movie deeply thought provoking and very abstract; which means that I really enjoyed it. And from there on, has started my obsession about watching movies from that era! :)

So, I later watched "A Single Man" which is directed by the great Tom Ford. Yes yes, the same Tom Ford that you are thinking about, the iconic fashion designer, who by the way, did a great job in directing this debut film of his. This one again, is an artistic masterpiece! The way the story of a forlorn man is told, is nothing short of impeccable. The changing of the lighting with changing of moods in this film, is a very interesting concept if not novel. And the eye feast of that movie, Julianne Moore, no words for her elegance and breathtaking beauty.

Isn't she just gorgeous?

And onto the third one, "Factory Girl" which is about the famous Andy Warhol. Sorry, that's what I thought before watching this movie. Its actually about Edie Sedgwick. A self-destructing artsy type socialite who worked with Andy Warhol for a few years and later ended up being a total destruction. Sienna Miller did a good job as Edie, but some say that this movie doesn't give the true account of Edie's life- its highs and lows.


hmmm...not bad...

i liked the movie, i think Sienna did a marvelous job in portraying the fashionably fabulous Edie. The 60's fashion and culture dose from the movie was quite sufficient. I might now embark on a journey to watch the Warhol movies that were made in The Factory (if I get to find them online, that is), and Ciao Manhattan. Im also thinking to watch Igby goes down, in which Amanda Peet's character is heavily inspired by the Edie-style fashion. Lets see if I could watch these over this weekend...

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