15 October, 2013


·         Why am I soo addicted to internet?
·         Why do I always spell so as soo?
·         Was the pop music of my time (early aughts) was better than today’s? These biebers and rebbeca blacks etc.
·         Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t like LOTR, star wars and avatar? I have seen episode I of the star wars (phantom of menace) for about 40 minutes and I failed to appreciate what the hype is about. May be when I’ll reach to part IV, I’ll start liking it? LOTR part I - for 30 minutes, no interest whatsoever. Avatar – complete; gave it  7 on imdb, that too only for its cinematic grandeur, not for the story/ characters; even if it was mockery with hints about the US Foreign policy or whatever!
·         A new cell phone or a new camera?
·         Are all ladies in Turkey as beautiful as they show in their dramas?
·         I still prefer writing on a writing pad than typing.
·         Consequently, I prefer having a cell phone call conversation rather than typing a text.
·         Is the name of the song ‘the dog days are over’ inspired by Al-Pacino’s movie Dog Day Afternoon?
·         Why is there only one English radio channel in our country?
·         Will I ever learn to drive?
·         Will Selena Gomez also follow the footsteps of Miley Cyrus? Not that I care though…
·         Why did it take forever to download Stage Fright (1950 movie by Alfred Hitchcock) and will it be worth the wait? I think its time to find out…

After reading the above random rants, you must be like

Enjoy the Eid holidays, my Pakistani readers! :D

08 October, 2013

Weekend Haul

this weekend I was feeling very bored, so I decided to go for shopping and get some products which were almost about to be finished. so I went to Imtiaz super market to do some groceries and along with that, bought these much needed supplies.

so what did I get....

Ruby Girl Sun block Lotion (SPF 60) : This one is for my hands and feet. If you have read my previous post, you would know I am crazy about their care! lol  [PKR 135]

Dove deeply nourishing Bodywash : For the winter season, I wanted to try something creamy this time. so I decided to buy this one.  [PKR 198]

Seckin sivi sabun - hand liquid soap : Its a turkish product (so *sabun* is a turkish word?!) i have started using this one and i must say its doing a pretty good job. It has a mild sweet-fruity fragrance and its not ultra-creamy, which makes it a good quick-to-wash handwash.  [PKR 115]

Nivea antiperspirant Invisible : I decided to try this one falling for its name 'invisible for black and white'. Previously I was using Fa Roll-on but that wet-sticky feeling from a roll-on has started to annoy me now, so I decided to go for a body spray this time.  [PKR 195]

Palmer's Olive Oil Formula - Spray Oil : Recently it came to my mind to try a light spray oil as a leave-in conditioner for my hair instead of the regular leave-in conditioners in order to avoid the product buildup in my hair as much as possible. Luckily I found this one. I have used it twice and am pretty pleased with the result.  [PKR 435]

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder- 002 Pink Blossom : This is my HG! I am almost about to hit the pan on the current one, but I could not have waited for it to completely finish, because I CAN NOT survive a day without this product in this blazing summer heat! [PKR 620]

Maybelline Fitme Blusher - Deep pink : wanted to buy color studio pixie pink as I was in search of a light pink matte blush, but since it was not available there, so I settled for this one. [PKR 575]

Will be sharing my thoughts on these purchases next week (after enough usage to make a solid opinion), and may be doing product-comparisons even... till then, take care and stay blessed! :)

05 October, 2013

What’s on my bedside table?

I have seen a lot of "what’s in my bag" blog posts, but today I’ll be sharing what’s on my bedside table. Since like every sane person, I adore my bed truly madly deeply, therefore my bedside table is also very dear to me :D
It’s a very useful little piece of furniture that everyone has in their room. Not only it keeps the essentials like water bottle, my glass, Mospel :P  and my cell phone, it is also used for keeping certain other stuff as well. And what’s that? Have a look.

YLC Cleansing Milk:  Well, its kind of an obvious thing that a cleansing milk is used for cleansing by good girls who have a proper skin care regime, but this is me we are talking about here :D  so, it may (and will) come as a surprise to you to know that I, use it as a body lotion. Haha I know it sounds a little weird, but the actual story is that when I once ran out of my cleansing milk (by Boots-the cucumber one), I went to repurchase it but sadly it wasn’t available at the shop. Instead, I bought this one in haste thinking it will perform the job well. But alas, it didn’t suit my skin and eventually I bought a new cleanser (my second most favorite after the Boots one), the Nivea refreshing Cleansing Milk. Now the question was, what to do with this YLC one? So, I thought why not use it as a body lotion? (primarily on the calf region since I get a lot of stubble there). And since then, its been serving its purpose pretty alright. [don’t remember its cost now, somewhere between PKR 100-130]

Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Night Cream:  I usually apply it on my hands (yes, again a weird use of a beauty cream) lol. Actually I have got quite an oily skin and I am extremely pimple prone  so Im very choosy about what I apply on my face. After a number of awful experiences, I have come to this conclusion that during the summer season, its better if I leave my skin bare to breath properly at night; and during winter, I apply my ever trustworthy L’oreal white perfect night cream. This Pond’s one though, has a very sweet fragrance and non-greasy texture (but somehow it still broke me out L ) so its been used to be applied on my hands and neck. [Cost was around PKR 350-400 as far as I remember.]

Saeed Ghani Foot and Hand Whitening Cream:  I slather myself with a lot of creams right? Lol. Actually it’s a new obsession of mine to moisturize my skin properly otherwise I was (and still am) a very lazy girl for following proper beauty and skin care regimes haha. This is a good cream in terms of texture, it being non greasy; also the fragrance is very mild. I never fall for *whitening* claims of any beauty product, instead I try to stay away from such products because Im a little skeptic about this whole whitening dilemma lol, but this one had natural ingredients so I decided to give it a try. Used mainly on my feet, I haven’t noticed any dramatic effect and the moisturizing power of it is 4/5. This was bought for PKR 250.

MUA Hot Lips (Lip Balm):  This is hands down my most favorite lip balm ever! Like ever!!! Its very moisturizing and has a light tint which I simply adore. No taste whatsoever, and no fragrance as well. I am one of those people who cant live without their lip balm, so I always keep a lip balm with me all the time. Since it has to be applied by fingers (or a lip brush if you are sophisticated enough :P ) so that makes it a lil travel-unfriendly (for hygienic reasons you know). So in my bag I keep a Palmer’s chapstick which is quite a good one also, but when Im home, Im always reaching out for this one. It keeps travelling with me around the house and at night, it rests on my bedside table haha. I must point out here that I have been using it for almost 6 months now and you can see that a lot of it is still in the jar! [got this one for PKR 200 from just4girls.pk]

And lastly, Toothpicks:  For obvious reasons. :D

So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed reading this rambling se bharpoor long blog post :D

What’s on your bedside table?! J