15 October, 2013


·         Why am I soo addicted to internet?
·         Why do I always spell so as soo?
·         Was the pop music of my time (early aughts) was better than today’s? These biebers and rebbeca blacks etc.
·         Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t like LOTR, star wars and avatar? I have seen episode I of the star wars (phantom of menace) for about 40 minutes and I failed to appreciate what the hype is about. May be when I’ll reach to part IV, I’ll start liking it? LOTR part I - for 30 minutes, no interest whatsoever. Avatar – complete; gave it  7 on imdb, that too only for its cinematic grandeur, not for the story/ characters; even if it was mockery with hints about the US Foreign policy or whatever!
·         A new cell phone or a new camera?
·         Are all ladies in Turkey as beautiful as they show in their dramas?
·         I still prefer writing on a writing pad than typing.
·         Consequently, I prefer having a cell phone call conversation rather than typing a text.
·         Is the name of the song ‘the dog days are over’ inspired by Al-Pacino’s movie Dog Day Afternoon?
·         Why is there only one English radio channel in our country?
·         Will I ever learn to drive?
·         Will Selena Gomez also follow the footsteps of Miley Cyrus? Not that I care though…
·         Why did it take forever to download Stage Fright (1950 movie by Alfred Hitchcock) and will it be worth the wait? I think its time to find out…

After reading the above random rants, you must be like

Enjoy the Eid holidays, my Pakistani readers! :D


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  2. Following you on GFC. Loved reading your musing :)


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