08 October, 2013

Weekend Haul

this weekend I was feeling very bored, so I decided to go for shopping and get some products which were almost about to be finished. so I went to Imtiaz super market to do some groceries and along with that, bought these much needed supplies.

so what did I get....

Ruby Girl Sun block Lotion (SPF 60) : This one is for my hands and feet. If you have read my previous post, you would know I am crazy about their care! lol  [PKR 135]

Dove deeply nourishing Bodywash : For the winter season, I wanted to try something creamy this time. so I decided to buy this one.  [PKR 198]

Seckin sivi sabun - hand liquid soap : Its a turkish product (so *sabun* is a turkish word?!) i have started using this one and i must say its doing a pretty good job. It has a mild sweet-fruity fragrance and its not ultra-creamy, which makes it a good quick-to-wash handwash.  [PKR 115]

Nivea antiperspirant Invisible : I decided to try this one falling for its name 'invisible for black and white'. Previously I was using Fa Roll-on but that wet-sticky feeling from a roll-on has started to annoy me now, so I decided to go for a body spray this time.  [PKR 195]

Palmer's Olive Oil Formula - Spray Oil : Recently it came to my mind to try a light spray oil as a leave-in conditioner for my hair instead of the regular leave-in conditioners in order to avoid the product buildup in my hair as much as possible. Luckily I found this one. I have used it twice and am pretty pleased with the result.  [PKR 435]

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder- 002 Pink Blossom : This is my HG! I am almost about to hit the pan on the current one, but I could not have waited for it to completely finish, because I CAN NOT survive a day without this product in this blazing summer heat! [PKR 620]

Maybelline Fitme Blusher - Deep pink : wanted to buy color studio pixie pink as I was in search of a light pink matte blush, but since it was not available there, so I settled for this one. [PKR 575]

Will be sharing my thoughts on these purchases next week (after enough usage to make a solid opinion), and may be doing product-comparisons even... till then, take care and stay blessed! :)


  1. Great haul! I love the Rimmel powder!

    1. thanks sarah! yes Rimmel powder is simply awesome! :)

  2. I am in love with rimmel powder and the blusher is on my wishlist :D
    awesome choices ^_^

  3. Nice picks :) how's the rimmel powder? The shade looks quite pink in the picture, does it blend well?


  4. thanks mariam :) yes its a lil pinkish in actual as well...and it blends perfectly well! actually i just wear a sunscreen and then this rimmel stay matte, so it gives a very light and natural looking coverage (im NC20 in MAC) so it works great for me :)


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