01 December, 2013

Luscious Cosmetics Nail-polish Haul

As you might remember, a few days back I posted about the online sale of Luscious Cosmetics Nail polish sets. Well, my new obsession is collecting nail polishes and making (almost failed) attempts of nail arts haha. So to share with you guys what I ordered, lets have a look over the arrived contents.

To start with, I was pretty impressed with the secure packaging (as you can see in the pictures above). Also, the purchasing to package arrival part was pretty quick and hassle-free. I simply ordered on their website and 1 day later the package arrived at my door step and I paid the cash (Cash On Delivery is available nationwide on Luscious website). As you can see I (the greedy cat :P ) ordered 2 nail sets: Pretty In Pink (does anyone remember an awesome 80's movie by the same name? :P ) and Rock&Roller. Each set was of PKR 795 or USD 7.48. That's right, 6 nail polishes for PKR 795, so in total I had to pay PKR 1590 (USD 14.96), and there were no delivery charges (minimun order amount should be above PKR 1500 or USD 14.11). Now for this amount, I'm sure you all will agree that it was a TOTAL STEAL!!!

I know you are eyeing the black case in the above picture and wondering what it is?! Well it's a free gift: Luscious Cosmetics Compact Mirror :)

One side features a clear, regular mirror for makeup application and the other side features a 2x magnified mirror for tweezing, which altogether makes it a very useful tool indeed. Besides, who doesn't like free gifts? of course I was very happy! ;)

Now onto the nail colors. I am pretty happy with almost all the nail colors, let's have a look at the swatches and see how they turned out to be.


1. Tango: a vibrant fuchsia pink. Only 1 coat and it is opaque!

2. Whimsy: a soft pink with pearl. Takes 2 coats to be opaque. Also I noticed that its applicator is somewhat wider than other nail colors' applicator!

3. Romance: a bright warm pink. 3 coats required to be opaque.

4. Moonstone: a warm tea pink with pearl. 1 coat and its opaque!

5. French Beach: a light peach beige. 3 coats needed to be opaque.

6. Sand Dune: a light neutral nude. It took 5 coats to be opaque (if you can call it that). Also, it takes the longest time to dry (very runny consistency). You can see its a bit streaky/patchy too. I don't know what to do with this shade :(


7. Ballet Slippers: a pale creamy pink. Takes 5 coats to be opaque. The shade is quite cute but the runny consistency makes it somewhat of a disappointment. :(

8. Melon Sorbet: a creamy coral. Takes 4 coats to be opaque. My camera failed to capture the *real* shade which appears a lot more peachy coral!

9. Pink Pop: a watermelon pink. In a single coat its opaque. A fun shade to wear :)

10. Cybil: a rich berry red. Opaque in 3 coats. Perfect shade for the fall!

11. Heavy Metal: a cool grey with pearl. 2 coats needed to make it opaque. Perfect for the Rocker-chic look ;)

12. Bling: a clean shade with silver glitter. This is my favorite among them all. It can be worn alone or as a top coat to add some fun. In the picture below, Im wearing a single coat of Bling.

So that's about it folks. Hope you enjoyed this nail-color-carnival post haha. I just checked the Luscious website and happy to know that the Nail Sale is still on. Be sure to check their page (here) if you are an obsessive nail color collector like me ;) Luscious Cosmetics ship worldwide.

Thanks for reading. Lots of love. xoxo


  1. So many nail colors, I loved number 5
    Happy Sunday

  2. When it comes to nail polishes I like pretty much any colour. And getting a set like yours would be like having an extra birthday :) xx


    1. haha im always delighted to read your comments! :D

  3. The swatches are amazing dearie :D Loved the shades totally especially tango :)

  4. wow the colors are awesome Sadia ^_^

  5. beautiful colors


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  7. lovely colors :)


  8. thanky ou for your lovely comment, I really like your collection of nail polishes, and Im happy to follow you :)

  9. I love the last one :) For me is the same - I love collecting nail polishes, but my nail art is just like ... well, I would say that I'm not nail art person :D
    Muilo Burbulai

  10. love the colors


  11. I love moonstone! You have a new follower here.


  12. Following back via GFC and also on Bloglovin #21

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  13. we have never heard of this brand before, but we love all the colours you picked out!! we're trying to be good and hold off on anymore nail polish purchases!


  14. You picked some awesome colors but have never heard about this brand. Would you be interested in following each other. just let me know hun.

    1. its a good brand, do check out their website! :)

  15. lovely blog :)

  16. you are a man why are you using nail polish ..just a joke
    you have a nice blog

    keep it up post something for men too


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