31 January, 2014


7:30 a.m.

another day.
another work day.
I need something to cheer myself up!
the fact that its a Friday morning was enough already, but sometimes sight of the usual stuff also brightens up your morning.

Yes. I really like my slippers. You dont need to suppress your laughter though. :P

Seeing your kid playing in the morning sunshine...


A day which starts with my favorite breakfast is always a good day.

After a usual boring day at office, an unplanned meetup with the BFF was a total bliss!

Skipping lunch seemed to be a good idea when the dinner was a hearty one.

Started with

Followed by

Ended with

Came home to find this parcel.

THANK YOU SOO MUCH Bakhtawar!! its a perrrfect fit and i LOVE it!!

Ofcourse this shodda pan was inevitable! :P

Now snuggled up in bed. About to begin another journey.

Thank God Its Friday!

Have a lovely weekend people. :)

22 January, 2014

How long does it take to break my new year's resolution?

1 week.

Me: Hey, while you were away, I did some ---
Sis: shopping?????!!!!!!
Me: erm...yeah...actually ----
Sis: there was a sale, right? i know that too!! i was just outta city not out of country OK?!!
Me: hmmmm
Sis: and you were in SOO much hurry that you couldn't even wait for my return?!!
Me: hmmmm
Sis: and not to mention, you were constantly reminding me about how *broke* you were...where did all the money come from then?!!
Me: hmmmm
Sis: and by the way, whatever happened to your new year's resolution "ill spend more on experiences rather than objects" ?!!!
Me: hmmmm
Me: uhm, so, do you want to see all the stuff that I got?
Sis: obviously! why are you wasting my time in all this small talk?!!
Me: *gasps*

Lo and behold.

All this stuff from my favorite store - Nishat Linen. The price bracket for these was around PKR 250-350 (at 30-40% discount).

favorite keychain these days :P

The only lonely belt from CrossRoads... :D

Knitted Tee from Outfitters. got it for around PKR 900.

Sweater from Outfitters for like, PKR 1345 i guess... this one looks quite dull in pic, but actually it has small glittery black lines on it, which make it quite funky, if i may say so myself :P

Shoes from Gul Ahmed. (PKR 1000 or something...)

This one also from Gul Ahmed, for PKR 1100 approx.

From Nishat Linen. It has a silky slippery feel which i LOVE!!

Also from Nishat. The color looks obnoxious here, but let me tell you, this is such a cute and warm scarf! Dark navy blue color looks very eclectic and its also quite multi purpose : sometimes i wear it as muffler and sometimes as dupatta as well... Love its material!

These ones are also from Nishat. (yes yes, I'm their very loyal customer haha). Got these on sale for PKR 1116 for both of them! Love their print and material too...quite warm and comfy and a great bargain for this price!

Not to mention that after seeing all this, there was soo much of  "hey you already have a similar cross-body bag, you bought a duplicate actually" and " these ear rings are so gorgeous, can i have them?" and some down right "this bracelet is mine. its final. do whatever you can!" hahaha

So....I hope you liked this stuff that I bought from the sales and discount offers (please say yes :P ). And as you might be aware that the sale is still continued on these awesome brands, so you can go hit their stores or check them online too. :)

Gul Ahmed (facebook, website)
CrossRoads (facebook, website)
Outfitters (facebook, website)
Nishatlinen (facebook, website)

And ahem, did i tell you that just yesterday i discovered that Nishatlinen has updated their online-store which makes online shopping seem so convenient and necessary fun! *gulp* :P
[chants "no more shopping no more shopping no more shopping" ] :D

Oh and in other news, there is also some limited time discount offer available on The Body Shop outlets:
a) for every purchase of PKR5500, an Ananya edt free
b) 15% off on any Body Butter
i like the 2nd one more. :P

So guys, have a lovely day and thanks for reading! :)

P.S. as much as this post seems like a PR stunt, it actually is not! hahah. i have bought all the stuff from my hard earned money and the *hard earned* scolds were also very genuine and characteristic of my sister. May God save me if she ever decided to visit my blog and read this post! haha

14 January, 2014


Hello lovely readers. Hope all of you are doing good. Today I'm here to share with you yet another obsession of mine: the 9lines stuff. Basically I was introduced to this amazing online shop by my sister, who happened to order some 'customised' stuff from them a while back. And since then, she has been reminding me again and again what her upcoming birthday-presents should be! haha

Ok so all of you wondering what I'm talking about and what actually 9lines is? Lets get to know them more :)

" 9lines is a roller coaster ride over a colorful rainbow full of pop, kitschy, loud, yummy, tangy lifestyle products with lots of attitude and spunk – overhauled with aesthetic sensibilities and uber cool quirkyness..
Hassan Iqbal Rizvi & Saad Shahid are the brains behind 9Lines. They design everything from dresses to stationary, posters to jewelry, mobile phone accessories to bags; almost anything you want a quirky and fun design on! They pride themselves on producing unique products with a major focus on print and illustration with bold and colorful designs. " 

So now that you know whattay fun-filled power bomb 9lines is, let's have a look at their stuff that me and my sister ordered and have been obsessing about lately. :D

Now as you may know that I am a huge movie and music maniac, my sister is only a bigger one that me! haha. So when she discovered that 9lines also offer some customised mugs along with their regular awesome ones, this is where her innovative instincts kicked in...and the 9lines guys were more than happy to bring her idea into life!

From Audrey, Marilyn, Kristen, Al Pacino to The Beatles, Adele, Kurt Cobain and Lana Del Rey; everyone was given due importance :P

The customised mugs at 9lines are priced for PKR 1200 (the regular ones for PKR 900) but since there was a delay due to some reason from their side to dispatch the order, they offered my sister a 10% discount! Isn't that so nice of them?! :)

Next up, my sister and her friend ordered some stuff while their new year sale was on, and my sister got this cute little marilyn monroe tin box, which I dutifully snatched from her! hahaha

I use this vintage beauty to store my jewelry. Its is priced for PKR 450.

And now comes my (i.e. not seized from my sister lol) most cute possession to date : behold!


Yes. This.

A perfect way to start new semester classes! ;)

As you can see, both sides of this Pop Kitschry "Che Balochi" Notebook are ruled; having 120 pages along with separation. priced at PKR 600.

For my International readers who must be wondering, what's written along side Che? well, its "Balochi" written in Urdu language, the meaning of Balochi being 'a citizen of the Balochistan province of Pakistan'. Now how can one not appreciate the innovative and eccentric touch these guys have given to our good old Che Guevara?! :D

So folks, I hope you enjoyed having a look at the cool stuff from 9lines. Wanna be more joyous? then be informed that these guys offer FREE SHIPPING (with COD) in Pakistan and they also offer INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! 

You can find 9lines on facebook and twitter.

Thank you peeps for visiting my blog, will be back with some other fun stuff soon. Have a blessed day. :)

06 January, 2014


Mom: Honey I need something to apply on my legs and arms to combat this extreme dryness which causes so much itching
Me: I saw petroleum jelly bottle on your table, aren’t you using that?
Mom: no dear, its very difficult to spread on large area of skin!
Me: uhmmmm… and you bought this olive oil also?
Mom: I did apply it, though it was extremely moisturizing, but it left stain on my clothes L
Me: oh… then what about the lotion that’s sitting on my table? :P
Mom: no no, that isn't enough moisturizing. It has water base I think, so its sort of useless for my extreme dry almost eczemic skin!
Me: OMG mommy…I don’t think there is any such thing which provides you extreme moisture, easy to spread and non-greasy as well!

Boy I was wrong!

It so happened that one fine day, me and my sister were cruising around the local super market when we discovered this baby. The St. Ives Naturally Soothing Body Lotion 'Oatmeal & Shea Butter' is non-greasy yet provides intense moisture/hydration, applies like a dream, and has a mild nutty scent (which I adore!)

I’m also pretty impressed by the “formulated without Parabens or Phthalates” claim. Although we daily consume/apply a lot of artificial products, I believe its best to avoid products with harsh chemicals/toxins as much as possible.

Not to mention that my mother has been extremely happy with this purchase of ours, according to her, her skin which would get “white” with dryness in a couple of hours, now stays tamed and hydrated for a good 12-15 hours, after which she reapplies the lotion happily. :D  In case I apply it on my hands, I feel the need to re-apply only after washing my hands the 2nd time, which I believe is not bad either…

sorry for the bad lighting, it indeed is the same hand! :D

All in all, its a good product which lives up to its claims of ‘instant, non-irritating relief for itchy dry skin’; and for the price of PKR 500 (approx. $5), this is a HUGE bottle (621 mL) which will last a long time I’m sure (although we are using it every day like a sacred ritual haha). I would definitely buy it again once it is finished. :) 

And in other news, belated HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!!!!!  Hope you all have an AWESOME one! :D

Lots of Love. xoxo