22 January, 2014

How long does it take to break my new year's resolution?

1 week.

Me: Hey, while you were away, I did some ---
Sis: shopping?????!!!!!!
Me: erm...yeah...actually ----
Sis: there was a sale, right? i know that too!! i was just outta city not out of country OK?!!
Me: hmmmm
Sis: and you were in SOO much hurry that you couldn't even wait for my return?!!
Me: hmmmm
Sis: and not to mention, you were constantly reminding me about how *broke* you were...where did all the money come from then?!!
Me: hmmmm
Sis: and by the way, whatever happened to your new year's resolution "ill spend more on experiences rather than objects" ?!!!
Me: hmmmm
Me: uhm, so, do you want to see all the stuff that I got?
Sis: obviously! why are you wasting my time in all this small talk?!!
Me: *gasps*

Lo and behold.

All this stuff from my favorite store - Nishat Linen. The price bracket for these was around PKR 250-350 (at 30-40% discount).

favorite keychain these days :P

The only lonely belt from CrossRoads... :D

Knitted Tee from Outfitters. got it for around PKR 900.

Sweater from Outfitters for like, PKR 1345 i guess... this one looks quite dull in pic, but actually it has small glittery black lines on it, which make it quite funky, if i may say so myself :P

Shoes from Gul Ahmed. (PKR 1000 or something...)

This one also from Gul Ahmed, for PKR 1100 approx.

From Nishat Linen. It has a silky slippery feel which i LOVE!!

Also from Nishat. The color looks obnoxious here, but let me tell you, this is such a cute and warm scarf! Dark navy blue color looks very eclectic and its also quite multi purpose : sometimes i wear it as muffler and sometimes as dupatta as well... Love its material!

These ones are also from Nishat. (yes yes, I'm their very loyal customer haha). Got these on sale for PKR 1116 for both of them! Love their print and material too...quite warm and comfy and a great bargain for this price!

Not to mention that after seeing all this, there was soo much of  "hey you already have a similar cross-body bag, you bought a duplicate actually" and " these ear rings are so gorgeous, can i have them?" and some down right "this bracelet is mine. its final. do whatever you can!" hahaha

So....I hope you liked this stuff that I bought from the sales and discount offers (please say yes :P ). And as you might be aware that the sale is still continued on these awesome brands, so you can go hit their stores or check them online too. :)

Gul Ahmed (facebook, website)
CrossRoads (facebook, website)
Outfitters (facebook, website)
Nishatlinen (facebook, website)

And ahem, did i tell you that just yesterday i discovered that Nishatlinen has updated their online-store which makes online shopping seem so convenient and necessary fun! *gulp* :P
[chants "no more shopping no more shopping no more shopping" ] :D

Oh and in other news, there is also some limited time discount offer available on The Body Shop outlets:
a) for every purchase of PKR5500, an Ananya edt free
b) 15% off on any Body Butter
i like the 2nd one more. :P

So guys, have a lovely day and thanks for reading! :)

P.S. as much as this post seems like a PR stunt, it actually is not! hahah. i have bought all the stuff from my hard earned money and the *hard earned* scolds were also very genuine and characteristic of my sister. May God save me if she ever decided to visit my blog and read this post! haha


  1. Jewellery us beautiful, my fav are both the earrings
    Keep in touch

  2. Great items!! You had fun shopping!!

    Please, do open the link below and click on the Sheinside banner at the top of the page.


  3. Love your blog and the haul :)
    you have a new follower on ggf ..
    you can follow back here http://rumahsmakeupdelight.blogspot.com/

  4. Hey loved reading that chat...
    Great haul... i specially loved that black tee very much <3
    BTW i have nominated you for Liebster award hun, do check it out :)

    1. oh that black tee is my fave also...im soo much digging the loose and baggy tees this winter...
      and thanks alot for the nomination! :) xoxo

  5. cute haul :)


  6. ahahahhahaha.....it was really fun to read this post....enjoyed it ....:P .....all the items are gorgeous...xoxoxoxo...:D

  7. Great post! I love your blog, the header is so pretty!

  8. Beauriful :)

  9. Really cool stuff darling.....I loved your blog...following you on GFC and google + and facebook now..it would be great if you follow me back...its good to stay connected...:-)

    1. thanks Rashmi! and welcome to my world :)

  10. You got some amazingly amazing thinks :)) Very pretty :D I break my resolutions very fast :P :P


  11. beautiful items! :)
    have a great weekend


    1. thanks sweethearts...n same to you! :)

  12. hehe loved reading your conversation :P And amazing stuff doll, interesting jewellery <3

    Have a nice weekend!! :)


  13. gorgeous!!

  14. i love those bracelets.i also feel so guilty after these kind of shopping days :) because i spend too much
    Style Of OzOz
    Style Of OzOz Facebook Page

    1. haha same here! but i think its ok to pamper yourself once in a while, you know.... ;)

  15. O.M.G.! you published our conversation in your blog post?!! let me tell you again if i haven't told enough times already, you are CRAZY. :P

    1. wowww... you finally decide to visit my blog after ages...and leave me *this* comment...bravo sis!
      thanks for reading btw, haha :P

  16. It's so hard to resist shopping, especially while trying to budget! Funny conversation and great buys, darling! Best, CD. ican'taffordmylifestyle

    1. so true cassandra! n thank you for your sweet words :)
      p.s. i love your name! :)

  17. It is really hard to resist shopping, That bracelet and knitted top is super cool.

  18. Great post<3

    Maybe we can follow each other on GFC if you want? Let me know :)
    Best, Julita http://crimson-moon2000.blogspot.com/

    1. I'm your new follower on GFC, thank you so much for visiting my blog :))

  19. Love your jewellery and knitted top :)

  20. Whaattaaayyy post!!! now I cant wait to tell you a whole lot of stuff that was running in my mind while reading your posts. In all this sale season, I had bought lots and lots and lots of stuff. particularly from cross roads and stone age and outfitters and I bought a scarf from nishat linen. I know this brand is just awesome. To be very frank, this is for the first time I had shopped like hell. Maybe because I had nothing to do and had all the access to the malls but this kind of transformed me into a little shopaholic. I wanna read those shopaholic books. The boots I bought and mufflers and scarf and jewels and shirts had been a major win but the coat from the cross roads disappointed me a little. Bdw after reading your post I feel like its right to flaunt all my stuff on one post or two hahaha! I have a feeling you shop from dolmen mall, the hyderi branch. I go there a lot and I kind of like that placeeee! Lets be shopping buddies and keep me updated about the sales and stuff.

    1. awww Ridx please do a post too...i would LOVE to read and check out your shopping :P and i know how you must have felt...remember *the confessions of a shopaholic*? :P i think you should read that (if you havent already,i.e.) and wow you bought boots...i get excited just by looking at a good pair of boots! haha
      and yes you are right. i mostly go to the hyderi wala dolmen mall :P so keep visiting my blog as i LOVE to share any sale/discount news that i know of with you guys :D

  21. just came across your blog! loving the posts! :)


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