17 February, 2014

My online shopping experience - Lootlo.pk

Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing great. Today when I was thinking what to write a post about, I realised that I havent shared any of my online shopping experiences here, although I very frequently shop online. So this is the first in a series of posts regarding my online shopping experiences - whether good or bad; I'll vent my heart out here haha. So starting with the latest, today we are gonna be checking out what offer I availed at Lootlo.pk

I guess around 2 months back, I saw an offer at their website (http://lootlo.pk/) of 2 bags of Clarée Products which contained 1 shampoo, 1 face wash, 1 hand cream and 1 foot cream in each bag; for the price tag of PKR 625. I instantly realised that it is such a bargain, although I had never heard about this brand before. A little search on the google and I found that it is an international franchise (http://www.clareecare.com/) and the products seemed quite promising so I thought I should give it a try! The procedure was simple; I placed the order online at Lootlo website, received a call from the representative assuring me that I will get my package in 2-3 working days and I would have to pay the cash amount at the time of delivery. But almost 3 weeks passed and no sign of delivery! I had almost forgot about this whole thing when one day I received a call from Lootlo.pk again and was informed that there was certain problem at their end that's why the delivery was delayed and now I'll get my stuff in a day or two. And indeed I did! Since it was a COD (Cash On Delivery) mechanism, therefore I suffered no heart attacks from the fear of losing my money, the package being lost etc etc hahaha

Ok so now lets have a look at the products.

Let me share my experiences with each of these products one by one.

1- Clarée Neem Face Wash:

the ingredients are all herbal

- packaging is secure (came with a seal) and sturdy. travel friendly. contains 100 ml of the product
- texture is runny. after washing the face, it leaves a slippery/slimy feeling (if you know what I mean :P ). doesn't make the skin dry afterwards. has a light fragrance which doesnt bother. pea sized amount is enough.
- now coming to the product claim, well, I started using it when there was a severe break out on my face in the hope that it may act to cure them to some extent, but, frankly speaking I didn't feel any such thing happening! It just cleanses my skin, keeps it shine free for like 2 - 2.5 hours at most, and no impact on pimples. also, when I'm in a rush in the morning, that slippery/slimy feeling of this face wash makes it quite a time taking task to wash my face with it (I hope you can understand that I like face washes that make face squeaky clean but dont strip it of its natural moisture...yeah yeah I'll review my regular face wash in the coming posts so you would know better :P )
- all in all, this is just an ok product in my opinion. I mean for the same amount and price, there are other products which work way better than this one! (yes I have tried a few :P )

2- Clarée Anti-Dandruff Shampoo:

btw, how does it leather?! o.O

- packaging is secure. flip cap which is quite tight. 200 ml of the product.
- consistency is rather thick. leathers well (but not those extreme bubbles :P ). very mild fragrance of ginger which fades once I'm done with shower.
- the product itself is quite decent. my hair feel quite clean and bouncy after shampooing and also, I have felt a considerable reduction in my dandruff (after repeated usage and following the same regime which I had been following earlier). Having said that, of course one can not expect wonders in a few washes from any shampoo as things take their due course of time, but I just have a feeling that the ginger thing which is a key ingredient of this shampoo, does play a good role.
- overall its a good product, I'll finish this bottle and see if I might want to buy another one. For this price and quantity, it performs the job real well.

3- Clarée Sweet Almond Moisturising Hand Cream:

- packaging is secure with flip cap, quite sturdy and travel friendly. contains 100 ml of the product.
- texture is quite thick. has a moderate sweet fragrance of almond+lavender (which I loooove :P ). and the moisturising power is quite good as well. I would say on my normal skin, 4 hours straight! and, the good part being, the fragrance stays as long does the product! (usually I have experienced that the fragrance fades quicker than the moisture of the hand cream...)
- I am definitely gonna re purchase this one, as for this price and quantity, it is better than many of the other hand creams I have tried!

4- Clarée Cocoa Butter Foot Cream:
all the text in Russian! :)

- packaging is secure with flip cap, quite sturdy and travel friendly. contains 100 ml of the product.
- texture is very thick, which makes its staying power approx 8 hours. yes 8 hours! in my opinion, its quite extraordinary, and whats more surprising is that it can even withstand a one-time contact with water (e.g. one ablution). I have tried it in day and night time both, and I am greatly impressed by its staying power on my normal/dry foot skin.
-now the fun part: the fragrance is a mixture of peppermint and something like cinnamon...quite intense! some people might find it overbearing but I have a welcoming nose for all such bitter-minty weird fragrances, so it doesnt bother me haha..  and just like the hand cream, the fragrance stays as long as the foot cream does!
- I do not need to tell that this is already in my favorites list...for this price and quantity, it is better than most of the foot creams I have tried, and its a sure re-purchase! :D

Now my favorite part: the package actually costs PKR 1250 but I got it at 50% discount, i.e. PKR 625. You know how much I enjoy budget shopping...but so does everyone, right?! :) Although this deal is expired at the website now, but you can always visit Lootlo.pk for other interesting deals. As for the availability of Clarée products, you can visit the Clarée website here and Pakistani readers can check the Herbion Naturals website here which offers delivery of Clarée products with COD. You can also check their face book page here
[I'm not sure at the moment if its available at the local shops in Karachi, I'll update this post if I get to know about it]

Thanks for reading peeps...do tell me if you have tried Clarée products. 
Have a happy week ahead! xoxo

09 February, 2014

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter Review

Hello guys. This is a guest post actually. I'm Fatima, Sadia's sister. I have been a not-so-regular visitor of sadia's blog mainly because of my hectic schedule, but whenever I do visit, im literally overwhelmed by the response she gets on her blabbering awesome reviews... :D  so I decided to do a guest post on her blog and when I discussed this idea with her...

this was the look that she gave me

"and what if it turns out to be a disaster?!"

after a lot of persuasions, she finally decided to give me a chance...

"well good luck then!"

Yes. We both share an obsession with The Devil Wears Prada. :D

So coming to TBS Moringa Body butter...

starting with its packaging, it comes in a big with secure locking cap, which assures no leakage even if the tub is placed tilted (although the texture of the butter is very thick but you know the summer months here...anything can melt! haha). I personally don't feel this huge tub to be very travel-friendly, in case if you dont want so much space to be consumed, but for that you can always get a mini version of this!

Now coming to the texture, it is thick in consistency, which sometimes cause a bit of a hassle to apply (you know those winter days when the butter gets more thick than its usual texture and you are too lazy to rub it onto the skin... :P ). But it absorbs real well into the skin and leaves no greasy feeling, rather a thoroughly moisturised skin. The "24-hour hydration" claim is TOTALLY TRUE during the spring/summer months, but for winter season, it hydrates my normal/dry skin for only 12 hours, after which I need re-application. Hence, for very dry skin, it wont be suitable to use during the dry winter days at all, imo! Also, The application of the butter does seem a little unhygienic, as you have to put your hands in the tub to scoop out the stuff...(which might also be a plus if you don't want to share it with anyone else :P )

quite an innovative way to list the ingredients!

The fragrance of this body butter is something that I really really like...very fresh and clean. something like the jasmine flower...and it lasts for a good 12 hours on me in summer and  in the winters I can feel it for the whole day!
I bought it last year during the TBS sale but its normally priced at PKR 1790. For 200ml, this is a huge tub which will last you ages. I have been using it on and off during the past few months and you could see that almost 60% of the product is still remaining. 

So all in all, its quite a decent product for its price, which my normal/dry skin loves during the summers, but for winters, I prefer something more moisturising/hydrating. Obviously its not directed to tame very dry skin. It is available at all The Body Shop Outlets. You can also buy it online on www.just4girls.pk and www.beautyarena.pk

So guys I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Now there is someone I need to attend to; who was very curious during the photography session of this post, and was waiting patiently that I would give her the food that I have in this yellow tub.

This naive young lady always thinks that whatever object I have in my hands, contains her food! haha

Dont forget to share your thoughts in the comments...Until next time, take care and God bless! :) xoxo

05 February, 2014

Liebster Award!

Hello everyone! hope you guys are doing great :) I'm so excited to share with you that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by a very sweet fellow blogger, Shipra of Milliondollarlooks . A big THANK YOU to you Shipra! I hope you enjoy reading my answers as much as I enjoyed reading yours... :D 

I was actually nominated last month, but due to my super-laziness  hectic schedule, I am finally doing this post and answering all the questions that were asked. :D

So without a further a do, lets get down to business.

1- What is you favorite type of post you like to write about (more often)?
A- hmmm...well that would definitely have to be budget-shopping! I love shopping during the sale season and availing discounts, and I love to share this info with as many people as possible! (thanks to this blogger platform! :D )

2- Three make-up essentials?
A- can we please make it skin-care essentials? :P
then they would be: sunscreen, moisturizer and lip balm.
ok no, it would be unfair to twist the question :P  so, 3 makeup essentials are: blush, mascara, lip tint. :)

3- Your one favorite facial feature you like to focus more on?
A- None. 
hahaha no kidding, i think it would be my pout... :)

4- High bun, low bun or no bun?
A- Side bun. :P

5- Lipstick or a lip gloss?
A- Lip gloss FTW! :D

6- Bush or bronzer?
A- Blush... cuz its easier to apply ( yeah yeah im not a makeup pro... :P )

7- Red, pink or nude?
A- no matter how much i adore red and nude, i always end up going pink... so yeah pink it is, in all the myriad hues... :)

8- What's your favorite makeup brand?
A- i think its quite difficult to pick one brand here, but Rimmel London is a very cool drugstore brand for which i have 95% product satisfaction rate and the easy availability is also a plus!

9- What's your favorite foundation?
A- well let me tell you, i HARDLY use foundation on my face (oily, acne prone skin... fear of breaking out...you know...) like literally once in a blue moon when i have to go to a party or wedding (i.e. for the night time only). So i find my MAC Studio Sculpt foundation (NC25) to be a true companion [ahmazing coverage ladies...!] and i always try to get it when im doing duty-free shopping at airports...haha

10- Any brand you wish to try this year?
A- oh yes there are many! but to name one, i would like to give color studio professional a go, as i have been reading very good reviews about its blushes and lipsticks etc... :)

11- Worst makeup product you tried/purchased?
A- well that has to be MUA lisptick in shade 15(juicy). no matter how many times i swipe, this wont go opaque! also the color makes my face look very washed out :( I usually love MUA products but this was a total fail as i could not use it in anyway! (thank God it was just PKR 200 so it wasnt heavy on the pocket! :D )

ok guys so that was it! now according to rule, i have to nominate other bloggers (excluding the one who nominated me) and ask them 11 questions. so here are the Rules, nominees and the Questions.

Rules of the Liebster Award

If you have been nominated for The Liebster Award and you choose to accept it;
1. write a blog post about the Liebster Award
2. Answer 11 questions provided to you by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate other bloggers who you think deserve the award (other than the person who nominated you).
4. Create a new list of questions for the bloggers to answer.
5. List these rules in your post.
Once you are done, you can add the Liebster Award badge to your blog. And last but not the least, don't forget to inform the fellow bloggers whom you have nominated!
Nominees:(in no particular order)
1- Maria Hussain of Skin Care Blog by Maria Hussain
2- Huda of The Lipstickholic
3- Bakhtawar of Beauty Mayhem
4- Bia of The Beauty Finds
5- Hira and Maria of The Sisters go Shopping
6- Maja K. of Modern Muffin
7- Darcy of A Memory of us
8- Emmi of Emmi Hearts
9- Subha of Candy Crow
10- Arpita of Indian Beauty Center
11- Ima Nadeem of Ima's Nail art

                   1-      What is your skin care routine?
2-      What is your hair care routine?
3-      A beauty secret you would like to share?
4-      3 favorite products (either from makeup, skin or hair care) you swear by?
5-      You can’t leave home without? :P
6-      3 must haves when you are travelling? (Vacation, business trip, etc.)
7-      Your New Year resolution?
8-      What else do you love to do beside blogging?
9-      3 of your all-time favorite movies? :P
10-   Rules you live by?
11-   Any advice to new bloggers? :)

Thank you once again Shipra for the award...i hope you (and YOU too my lovely reader :P) enjoyed reading this post. All the nominees, be sure to receive your award cuz now i'm waiting to read your posts about this award! ;) 
Thanks for visiting my blog, have a lovely day! :) xoxo