25 March, 2014

Body Luxuries Body Splash - Sweet Pea

Helloooooo lovely people!!! it's been soo long that I could take some time out to write a new post, ahh...if only a day had more than 24 hours......but, now I'm backkkk,,, and I hope I'll be more regular with posts now :D

Ok, so amidst all this busy and hectic schedule, tiring days and frantic evenings, there was something that I needed to calm my senses when I use to hit the bed. And that my friends, was this little baby!

Not only that I use it religiously every morning and evening after taking baths, but I spritz it on my pillow as well because I just am TRULY MADLY DEEPLY in love with this body splash!!

Ok, so lets start with the packaging. As you can see, it has a plastic elongated bottle with plastic cap which is quite secure and intact even after months of usage. The bottle is sturdy and travel-friendly (although its a bit large in size but the good thing is, there is no spilling nor the cap gets loose). You can see the beautiful purplish liquid through the transparent bottle, which not only looks cute but is also helpful to know how much of the product is used/left. There is 236 ml (8 fl oz) of the product for the price tag of PKR 170 (US $ 1.7). Very pocket friendly, eh? ;)

The flavor "sweet pea" is quite sweet and juicy and floral and fresh; all at the same time! the fragrance has a very interesting blend of lavender, sweet pea petals and watery pear with freesia, fresh raspberry and soft delicate musk; which stays for a long time on my skin: approximately 12 hours (yes....hard to believe that something will stay THAT long in the humid, sweaty weather of Karachi haha) and let me tell you that I dont sit in A.C. all day; meaning there IS some perspiration and sweat but thank God, with this bodysplash on, I never experienced any bad odor! [I have used this splash in summer as well as winter, therefore I can safely say that the longevity of its fragrance is quite remarkable in the hot and humid summers of Karachi!]. Also, there are days when I'm extra lazy to wear an actual perfume, and I just spray it on my clothes as well (yes....some people can be THIS lazy hahaha), but here the staying time is a bit limited, like a maximum of 6 hours. Other than its superb staying power, the moisturizing feel when it is applied on the skin (as compared to other body sprays) is quite observable! I really like the fact that I dont feel that short, strong stingy feeling when I spritz it on my skin as compared to other normal body sprays....I think the aloe vera sure does its hydrating job!

Now having discussed its favorite bits, there is one thing which I seriously despise :@

Yessss....its like a rare gem stone hahahah...a few years back, I bought this from Naheed Super Market (from then on,my love for it grew and grew hahahaha...how very non-poetic! :P ) and later I bought from Atrium Mall Saddar, and as I am always telling my friends how much I love this baby, a few days back a friend of mine gifted me this along with some other flavors from this range (after I had given up on my search for this *gem* at Naheed and Atrium Mall). I think she bought it from Time Medicos. You can visit the website here but I am not sure if there is an online shopping option...I hope more shops start stocking it because seriously for this price, its such a great product; both in terms of quality and quantity! Next time, if you ever spot this baby on any shelf, just grab one for trying sake, I promise you won't be disappointed! ;)

So thanks for reading folks. Do let me know if you have used this or any other flavor from Body Luxuries range and do you like it or not?! Have a nice day...xoxo :)

09 March, 2014

Jewelry from Born Pretty Store

Today I’ll be sharing with you peeps my views about the jewelry/accessory from Born Pretty store. A few days back, I was asked by the Jewelry & Accessory department of the Born Pretty store to review their items. Naturally, I felt very excited as this was gonna be my first PR sample. I was given an option to select a few items of my choice (which trust me was a tough decision as the store has a variety of cute jewelry items at a very affordable price!). So after communicating my selection and address details, I started waiting for my package to arrive. I was a bit anxious as this was the first time I had ever shopped from an international online store. I was kinda skeptical about the safety of the package, any additional taxes to be paid (since it was an international shipment), etc. But thank God all my fears dissolved into happiness when in due time as promised, I got my package delivered.

So let’s peek into my package buddies :P

The package came in a very secure wrapping. As you can see, the envelope is itself lined inside with bubble wrapping, and there was an additional bubble wrapping over the items (which I cant show you as it has already been gifted to my cat to play with haha).

Vintage Ancient Bronze Big Eye Owl Pendant  (US $1.83)

Its pretty huge in size...just the way I wanted! :D

Vintage Owl Shaped Ring (US $2.45)


I love how it glistens in the sunlight…. (anybody recalls Edward? :P)

I really like the fact that the items are exactly like they were shown on the website. Though I thought the bracelet would be a slightly bigger in size… L

All in all, I’m pretty happy with this stuff. For such an amazing price tag, I think these products are quite worth a try!

Now for my darling readers, there is a discount coupon… yayyy :D   You can use the code SMKT10 to enjoy 10% discount if you place an order from Born Pretty Store. They offer world wide free shipping.

Thanks for reading. Have you shopped from Born Pretty Store before? How was your experience? Do share in the comments below. Have a good day! :) xoxo

05 March, 2014

MUA Lipstick - Juicy (shade 15)

Hello hello everyone. It's me Fatima again :D This time I'm gonna share with you something which I bought with high hopes but it didnt turn out as I expected... [ i will try to be more to-the-point and not *incoherent* as my sister calls it :D ]

single swipe (without flash)

MUA Lipstick "Juicy" in shade 15 is a light coral peachy-pinkish shade. You get 3.8 grams of the product for £1 which lasts for quite a few months even with regular usage. Packaging is compact and sturdy; the cap is still very intact after months of usage. Also, through the transparent base, the color of the lipstick is visible which makes it easy to sort it out from the stash. It has a very mild vanilla fragrance which doesnt bother, imho. The texture is smooth and moisturizing (not waxy). Lasting time is around 2.5 - 3 hrs on me (with careful eating/drinking).

So what went wrong??!!

Dude, the biggest problem is, no matter how many times I swipe it, it just wont go opaque!!! Also,it gives an ashy look (im NC 20).

bare lips

MUA Juicy (shade 15) applied

Sadly it settles into fine lines, and thus it doesn't fade away evenly. I guess that's the risk of doing online shopping...I searched the swatches for this lipstick and it seemed to be such a nice color! Pity it didnt suit my (or my sister's - NC25) skin color, nor do I find it acceptable the way it appears on my lips...so what do I do with it? I initially tried to pair it up with other pink lipsticks and it worked fine; and now I use it as a lip balm at night! :D

I bought it from just4girls.pk for PKR 200, and you can also buy it for £1 from MUA store online.

So do you own any MUA lipstick which gets opaque and doesnt appear streaky? Do share your views in the comments below.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

02 March, 2014

And the Oscar goes to...

Shahid Afridi.

haha. kidding. but a big thanks to the guy for making us proud! it was a great match with solid performances by both the teams. very well played India and Pakistan. Thank you Lala for making Pakistan win in style! ;)

Google image

anyways...onto the Oscars....

Its been my ritual to watch all the Oscar noms for major categories like best: actor/actress, supporting actor/actress, screen play (original and adapted), direction, production design; then predict and wait for the results to be revealed. Not to brag, but last year 8 out of 10 predictions that I made, came true! :D However, This year, all the nominations for major categories were simple works of awesomeness thus making it very difficult to choose one over the other!

Haha. Ofcourse the reference was necessary. :P

So let me tell you straight about my picks and who I'm rooting for this year...

1. Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role:

Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine.
Although I equally loved Meryl and Sandra in August:Osage County and Gravity respectively, but I'm literally overwhelmed by Cate's performanse in Blue Jasmine. Also, Amy Adams was great in American Hustle. God her expressions thru eyes...one could really feel the depth of her character...but the "shades" and intricacies in  Cate's role were superbly delivered by her; and hence my vote goes for her.

2. Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role:

Leonardo DiCaprio vs Matthew McConaughey for The Wolf of Wall Street and Dallas Buyers Club.

Its a tough choice. There was great variation in Matthew's role in DBC, but Leonardo carried the whole movie (WWS) flawlessly. The role of Jordan Belfort needed an immense amount of energy and charisma and Leonardo had just the right amount of it! I think its about time that Leo gets the much needed appraisal! As far as I know, Christian Bale and Chiwetel Ejiofor are the favorites, no doubt they played their parts beautifully, but my favorites are the above two and I'm hoping this time Leo takes it!

3. Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role: Bradley Cooper vs Michael Fassbender.

Both did phenomenal job. Chances are Bradley Cooper might get  it for some strange reason that American Hustle seems to be everyone's favorite, but even if he does, this wont be unjust.

4. Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role: Julia Roberts for August: Osage County.

No, I wasn't *overwhelmed* by Jennifer Lawrence's performance in American Hustle (to a great extent it reminded me of SLPB) and Lupita was very convincing in 12 years a slave...but not as much as Julia. I know there is very slim chance of her getting the Oscar this year, but I hope she does!

5. Best Achievement in Directing: 

My favorites are Martin Scorsese for The Wolf of Wall Street and Alfonso CuarĂ³n for Gravity. If one gets the Best Direction, the other should get for Best Picture. I know I'm totally forgetting the 10 noms by American Hustle, but it was just 7/10 for me, not 9/10 like these ones...

6. Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen: 

I'm at my wits end for this one. I absolutely loved Blue Jasmine for the tight and crisp script, Her for the strong mood of the film, Nebraska ( cried at the end) for its simple yet emotionally captivating story-line and Dallas Buyers Club for the way the issue in fact myriad issues were presented in the movie. Even for that matter, American Hustle's nomination wasn't bad either!

7. Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published:

Captain Phillips OR Philomena OR The Wolf of Wall Street. Difficult to pick one, but I'll go for WWS.

8. Best Achievement in Production Design

I think The Great Gatsby is a clear winner, but have you seen HER ?

Ah...this movie takes you to some other level. A visual and post-modernist masterpiece.

I loved the scores of Gravity, Her and Philomena. I also think that the Best Visual Effects, Cinematography and editing should go to Gravity.
And I never really understood the criterion for Best Picture. So, that's all from my side of predictions. With the Award Ceremony only hours away, here's to the best of talent, hard work and the wonderful movie experiences! :)

Thanks for reading peeps. Do let me know what are your picks for the Oscars? :P