05 March, 2014

MUA Lipstick - Juicy (shade 15)

Hello hello everyone. It's me Fatima again :D This time I'm gonna share with you something which I bought with high hopes but it didnt turn out as I expected... [ i will try to be more to-the-point and not *incoherent* as my sister calls it :D ]

single swipe (without flash)

MUA Lipstick "Juicy" in shade 15 is a light coral peachy-pinkish shade. You get 3.8 grams of the product for £1 which lasts for quite a few months even with regular usage. Packaging is compact and sturdy; the cap is still very intact after months of usage. Also, through the transparent base, the color of the lipstick is visible which makes it easy to sort it out from the stash. It has a very mild vanilla fragrance which doesnt bother, imho. The texture is smooth and moisturizing (not waxy). Lasting time is around 2.5 - 3 hrs on me (with careful eating/drinking).

So what went wrong??!!

Dude, the biggest problem is, no matter how many times I swipe it, it just wont go opaque!!! Also,it gives an ashy look (im NC 20).

bare lips

MUA Juicy (shade 15) applied

Sadly it settles into fine lines, and thus it doesn't fade away evenly. I guess that's the risk of doing online shopping...I searched the swatches for this lipstick and it seemed to be such a nice color! Pity it didnt suit my (or my sister's - NC25) skin color, nor do I find it acceptable the way it appears on my lips...so what do I do with it? I initially tried to pair it up with other pink lipsticks and it worked fine; and now I use it as a lip balm at night! :D

I bought it from just4girls.pk for PKR 200, and you can also buy it for £1 from MUA store online.

So do you own any MUA lipstick which gets opaque and doesnt appear streaky? Do share your views in the comments below.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!


  1. Subtle shade and looks beautiful on you! xo


  2. Beautiful nude shade dear...looking pretty on you...:-)

  3. the shade is pretty but it wont work for me.This makes me sad.Great review.Love the swatches,.

    1. yeah not sure if it would suit our asian skin tones... :(

  4. My face looks dull with such shades.....Sorry to hear about your not so good experience of online shopping...I also do the same if I don't like any shade...Mix it with other lipsticks.....lol....xoxoxo....:D

    1. haha we know how to make use of garbage haha :D

  5. Aww I haven't heard many good things about MUA regular lippies, however people say their matte range is better. Thank you for the review Fatima! :)

    1. welcome zubia. yes you're right...i also have a feeling that the darker shades in this range will also be a bit more opaque...

  6. Pretty shade.. would have been definitely better if it was more opaque :)


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