14 May, 2014

maybelline babylips-cherry me

Hello people. I am back after a century. How are you guys? Hope everyone is doing great.

So today when i was busy in doing my usual boring stuff, i suddenly remembered "oh…i used to have a blog" so i decided to check the deserted place and plant some new plants there haha. So here i am sharing with you my cutest go to product these days: maybelline babylips lip balm in 15-cherry me.

I have been a sucker for lip balms since time immemorial and i am always on the hunt for some cute looking, moisturising, long staying lip balm with a slight hue that matches my lip color. (Yes, cute looking is also the criterion haha). So i must confess that i have found this baby to fulfill all my demands and its quite easy on the pocket too!

It comes in a pretty packaging with transparent lid which is quite secure and you can easily carry it in your makeup bag or pouch etc. (Like i do, daily). It has a moisturising effect on the lips which lasts for a good 2.5 to 3 hours on me - someone who lovvvvves to eat whatevvvver product is there on the lips haha so for that matter, im quite impressed by its staying power. However, a few days back, when i was the victim of extremely dry and chapped lips, i was not very impressed by its performance, but now when my lips are back to normal state i feel its working quite fine! I also love the fact that it gives a very pretty slight cherry tint to the lips which just enhances my natural lip color.

All in all its a very good product for its price. Also it goes a long way and only a little product is consumed. I have been using it for around 2-3 months now and you can see how much of the product is consumed/remains…

For PKR 350, you get 4.4g of the product. It can easily be found in any supermarket / makeup store stocking the maybelline products. If you wish to purchase online, you can check just4girls.pk or beautyarena.pk

So if you are in search for a pocket friendly lipbalm which not only moisturises your lips but gives a pretty mild Cherry tint too, i think i can safely recommend you this baby. :-)

Dont mind the crappy photographs, i took them with my phone infact i am writing this post on my phone too haha… how incredibly lazy i am to fetch a laptop! Lol

Hope you enjoyed reading the review. Do share your opinions about cherry me if you have used it and if some other lipbalm you are a fan of, do let us know here! Untill next time, xoxo :-)


  1. Love the light color touch!
    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  2. we have baby lips here too bt nt in same packaging.. welcome back..... nice review!!!

  3. looks good and sounds cute too.Great review.Loved reading your review after a long time.where were you?

    1. Awww thank you shehrzad...bus yar was busy in work and stuff you know...now will try to be more regular :-)

  4. Oh finally you remembered that you own a blog too....:D.....missed you and nice review dear...The pix are amazing....xoxoxo....:D

    1. Aww thank you maria...your encouraging comments luft up my spirirt! Thank you :-)

  5. Hello. I am here on your blog after ages. At least it feels like. I think I should buy these too. I want to buy lots of stuff yar. :( Bdw I will need lots and lots of makeup advice once I start my university. So I will ask you because you know a lot about make up products and stuff. Keep blogging you awesome person. You are one humble fashion blogger. You blog about products which almost everyone here can afford so YAYYY!

    Bdw check out the interview I did on my blog. :D

    1. Omg Ridx you cutie...makeup advice and me? *Hides under the table* but seriously, i dont know too much about makeup cuz mostly i concentrate on skin care rather than makeup BUT you are more than welcome to ask me whatever you want anytime! :-) i think ill be able to guide you for a daytime look for uni students since thats what im good at and still do although im no more a student hehe
      Thanks for your comment girl. xx

  6. ahahha welcome back girl :D

    Loving this lipstick I got it too :D

    Happy Monday Girl!

    Cant’ wait to see you back on my blog !

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    Visit The Fashion Milkshake Blog

  7. Such a pretty colour. Love Baby Lips! x

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  8. Keep meaning to try this out!


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