12 July, 2014

Online Shopping Experience - Bonanza e-store

Helloowwww everyone! I hope you all are doing great and enjoying the month of July :D  its been such a long time that this blog was blessed with a new post, so I had to TAKE CHARGE and now I'm officially a part of it ;) Ladies and gentlemen please welcome me : Fatima :D

Ok I guess its enough of the comics, now lets come to the online shopping experience part *slurps* :D 
so a few weeks back I stumbled upon Bonanza Garments e-store while surfing the internet for visual-window-shopping, and I was quite impressed by the visual presentation and easy navigation of the website. The prices of stitched kurtis (I mainly shop for pret) were quite reasonable on their own BUT there was a 20% sale going on at that time. So as you might have guessed, I right away ordered two kurties. ;)

image: Bonanza Facebook page

image: Bonanza Facebook page
the first one was for PKR 1744 after discount and the black one (it seems purple in the pic) was of PKR 2550. The fabric of both is lawn, and as you can see the black one has beautiful embroidery too. I opted for payment thru debit card (no extra charges for that) although Cash On Delivery was also available. The shipping within Pakistan is free. In the next two days I received my package (along with the promotional gifts for the satrangi range at that time; I'm not sure if that offer is still valid ). Oh you can't imagine my excitement and happiness while opening the package but wait.....one of the kurtis was delivered in the wrong size!!! and can you guess which one? 

The Black one. 

God I was sooo heartbroken at that time because while doing the online shopping from the website, I had read that there is no return/exchange policy for online orders. phew! Now what to do? I decided to inform the sales department as it was a fault from their end. So I messaged them on facebook and their e-mail address provided on the website, fearing that they might tell me straight forwardly that they have no return/exchange policy.

And it so happened that I feared right! 

The sales team very politely informed me that I can go to any outlet and exchange the kurti with the right size one. I was kinda disappointed as had it been easy for me to go to outlets at that time, why would I have shopped online in the first place! Nevermind, after a number of visits of the major outlets I informed the sales team that that particular size which I ordered was already finished at all the outlets. Now came the part which restored my faith in humanity :D  The Bonanza team understood the problem and hardship that I went thru although it wasn't a mistake from my end, and asked me to TCS the kurti back to them and assured that I will receive the correct size this time and also the amount of TCS will be reimbursed to me. Long story short, I did as I was instructed and they did what they promised! And I was one happy customer!! :D

Now throughout this whole episode of mental/physical fatigue of running to the outlets and the fear that I wont be able to get the right sized kurti, (and no, I was very possessive about this one and didnt want to gift it to anyone else hahaha) the thing which is appreciation worthy is the swift and helpful communication from the customer service team of Bonanza. I am very much impressed by their professional behavior and now I know even if there happens some sorta glitch during shopping from Bonanza e-store, the customer service of this Brand is not gonna leave you stranded! :)

And so much happy I was after this *successful*  shopping experience, I took my bestie out for shopping and look what we grabbed :D

image: Bonanza Facebook page
 for PKR 1980.

image: Bonanza Facebook page
 On sale for PKR 1584.

image: Bonanza Facebook page
On sale for PKR 2224.

So people, go ahead, give this website a try (http://www.bonanzaestore.com/new/) and you can also check their Facebook page here as their new Eid stock has just arrived! Their is a gents section too on the website. They deliver worldwide, with free shipping within Pakistan.

Have you shopped from this website before? if yes, do share your experience with us :)
Stay safe and happy budget shopping! :)

Love, xoxo


  1. the suits are just fab
    last day to enter divissima 50 euro giveaway
    happy weekend,

  2. wow these are really pretty. I did not know they were having a sale, thanks, here I go now :D

    1. thanks alot mariam! even without sale their stuff is pretty budget friendly ;)

  3. Wow pretty collection
    Happy Sunday Hun

  4. Those were some nice kurtas .. nice post dear xo

  5. Brilliant description about fashion, brands regarding Guess Online Store. sometimes less is more and in this collection everything’s restrained, relaxed and – even better – comfortable, with a pulled-together elegance !!


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