28 January, 2015


I have been using this face wash for more than two months and now its time to share my views with you people.

As you can see, the "Pixy facial foam anti acne" comes in a soft plastic tube with flap-open cap. it is sturdy and very travel-friendly, as the cap is still intact and hasn't loosened up even after repeated opening and closing.

The consistency is rather thick and a small pea size amount (as shown in pic above) is enough for the entire face. I usually use it twice (out of habit, merely!) otherwise a single wash makes the skin clear and clean.

Now coming to its impact on my oily acne-prone skin: I must say I am really enjoying using it! As this is winter season and the weather is kinda dry, so my skin doesn't show any signs of oil even after 6-7 hours of washing my face! This sounds great when coupled to the fact that face wash not only keeps the skin shine free, but is also 'non-drying' on its own; rather it makes the skin soft and supple. I usually face this problem of over dried skin when I use medicated/suitable-for-oily-skin face washes, but this time around, I experienced no such issues. I have a feeling that this will keep my skin shine free even in summers for like 4 hours...but for that I have to test it of course!

As the product says "Acne stains fade and skin looks brighter" (thanks to google translate haha), I can confirm the skin looks brighter part, but for my acne marks, I can't say much (as I am also using certain other medications). Also, I won't say it cleared up any acne on its own, but it might play a positive role in keeping the new ones from popping up! It has a very pleasant powdery sort of fruity fragrance which lingers on a few minutes after the wash and does not bother at all (at least not me :D )

The expiry date is also mentioned on the tube, and the ingredients are given in English. The rest of the description is I guess in Malay, but that's not much of a problem for me....the tube contains 100 g of the product and is available at Naheed super market (in Karachi) for the price of PKR 225. Very affordable, right?! :)

Overall, its a great product for the price. I have been using it for past two months morning and evening, and approximately 40% of the product still remains. I shall be definitely buying it again as it keeps my oily acne-prone skin clean and matte. I haven't faced any breakouts or drying/itching problems from its use.

Thank you for reading this post, hope you found it informative. Do share your views if you have used Pixy face washes.

Stay blessed folks...


  1. Nice post! I do love your review!



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