28 March, 2015

Nivea Natural Fairness Roll on Review


In the hot humid weather of Karachi, roll ons/body sprays/ body mists are a must! I have been using this roll on for quite some time and now its time to share my thoughts...

To start with, the packaging is standard glass bottle with plastic cap, quite sturdy and travel-friendly; but not to be used with clumsy hands to avoid the chances of dropping the bottle :D The quantity of the product is 50 ml, which if used once a day, will easily last up to 3 months.


The texture is thick whitish fluid, which after you glide on the roller on your skin, transforms to powdery finish and there is no slippery/sticky wet feeling (which I dislike, mainly the reason why I switched from roll ons to mists/sprays). The fragrance is mild flowery and very clean....nothing over-empowering.

Now coming to its claims of "fairer and smoother underarms" and "48-hour anti-perspirant" :

I did not experience any "fairness" factor, but that's fine by me because all I was looking in this roll on (or any other for that matter) is to keep my underarms odor free for at least 12 hours...and that's what it does perfectly! I can't attest to the 48-hour claim (sorry in this sweaty weather I cant postpone to take shower for that long haha) but like I said, it will keep the applied area odor free for 12 hours straight...on a less humid day (and if you don't perspire excessively) it might stretch for 24 hours but not more than that...and in my opinion this is pretty decent work-time for any anti-perspirant product. 

For the price of approx PKR 200 and easy availability, it is quite a decent product. I might be buying this again, or I might go back to my all time favorite Nivea Invisible anti-perspirant spray :)

What's your favorite anti-perspirant product? Let me know in the comments below :)



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