24 March, 2015

Youth Arts & Literary Exhibition 2015

"Incorporating various media of art and culture, Youth Arts & Literary Exhibition 2015 aims to propagate the talents of Pakistani youth, stand up for intellectual rights and encourage originality with renewed spirits. This time, the exhibition will carry and inspire a theme that highlights Pakistan in all of its conventional and contemporary ethos."

As we entered the premises of Alliance Fran├žaise, we had option to go straight into the patio or turn left and explore the stalls area. We chose the former.

I was interested to join the panel discussion about pirated designer wear and lawn prints, so I moved towards the patio, but just as I reached there it was announced that the discussion is now being held at the library. It was quite a productive discussion highlighting the importance of linkage between creativity and intellectual property rights.

Maliha Rehman, Naveen Qazi and Umair Tabani

After the panel discussion, I hurried upstairs to catch up with speaker session by Jibran Nasir. Thankfully, the session was stretched for another hour and we all were filled with renewed spirits of patriotism and optimism.

the not-so-stationary Jibran Nasir :-P

Now it was time for lunch so we made our way to the food and drinks stalls. We had options from Del Frio, Gon Pacci, TGIF, etc. After lunch and dessert and some more dessert, we lazily settled ourselves on the grass under the shade to enjoy people gazing (favorite Pakistani hobby lol).

DJ in the house

After relaxing for a while, we made our way to the patio again to check on the musical performances.

Now it was time for theater performance. It took us a while to find the exact location, as it was changed at the last moment. The play was midway when we joined the audience. Nonetheless, the actors performed well although the story was not so novel.

Audience enjoying the play

Later on, there was qawwali night which was scheduled for 6 pm on wards. By this time we were kinda exhausted so decided to leave for home. Overall, it was a fun event. The management was quite good except for the last moment change of the location of certain events.

YALE 2015 was a two-day event held on 22nd and 23rd March with free entry (except for qawwali night which was ticketed). I think exhibitions like these are a great source for of fun and education for our youth and should happen more often as our city is in dire need of such events!

Until next time...xoxo :-)

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