21 April, 2015


If you have oily acne prone skin, use ointments/medicated products on daily basis to combat the acne, prefer less chemical/more natural ingredients based stuff and live in a hot humid weather; then at some point of time you might have wondered how to moisturise your skin without turning it into a grease ball and loading it with more chemicals/ingredients that need to be searched if they could cause trouble to your skin....at least I have! and the answer I have got after trying a number of products is "LIZ EARLE INSTANT BOOST SKIN TONIC SPRITZER".

The tonic comes in a large plastic bottle which holds enough product to last you ages, since only two-three spritzes are required for one time application. I usually use it thrice a day; every time after I wash my face. The consistency is watery and once applied, feels a bit sticky to the skin for like 10-20 seconds but after that you don't feel like you have anything on your face. It has a mild pleasant fragrance, something like "Quice icecream syrup" (those who hail from Pakistan would know what I am talking about haha).

The bottle comes with a spray nozzle and a tight cap so there is no fear of spillage. Since it holds 200 ml of the product, some might find it not so travel friendly due to its weight. (it is also available in 30 ml bottle)

The organic active ingredients along with the combination of essential oils sure do their magic! I have been using it for almost 4-5 months now and I can vouch for this product to be suitable for oily acne prone skin in hot and humid weather of a city like Karachi. As soon as I apply it, my skin feels soft and moisturised, without being oily or anything. Over the course of its usage, I can say that my skin does feel hydrated and even toned (keeping my regime of other products constant). As you may recall, I loved my Boot's Essential Cucumber Moisturising Cream during the winter days, I still use it sometimes at night, but in this humid weather, I find this tonic to be the best toner/moisturiser combo for my skin!

[since I have to apply ointments like benzoyl peroxide on certain nights (which is quite drying), its best to apply a thin layer of moisturiser like this tonic rather than some heavy one, for easy absorption of the ointment/medication.] 

Overall, I have a very good experience with this product: nothing fancy shmancy, just a light-weight organic ingredient based toner cum moisturiser which soothes my skin and never has it caused any breakouts or other problem....

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer is available at Liz Earle website (200 ml spritzer for £14.75). Sadly, it is not available in Pakistan, but I believe a number of facebook pages take order for international brands and you can get it from them.

So have you used Liz Earle products? which product is your favorite? do let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading! :) xx

19 April, 2015

Masarrat Misbah Makeup Launch

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Yesterday evening was quite a memorable one. Not only because I got to attend a launch event of a new Makeup line, but, a new "Pakistani" Makeup line....and that too by one of the pioneers of the hair and beauty industry of Pakistan!

Masarrat Misbah Makeup or MM Makeup is the first Halal Certified Makeup brand to launch in Pakistan, not using any haram animal substances or intoxicants in the entire product range. As Masarrat Misbah told us that acquiring a Halal certificate is not an easy job; it not only requires the products to be made of only halal ingredients, but the whole company matters even the salaries of employers should be halal! the products are also claimed to be free from Lead and Parabens. 

It was a fun event which started with bloggers meet and greet. The star of the event Masarrat Misbah was there to greet every guest. The environment was filled with excitement, energy and warmth. 

After the ladies had enjoyed themselves enough playing with the MM makeup, there was a presentation given about the makeup line. Masarrat Misbah, Nighat Misbah, Redah Misbah and all the team was there to answer our queries. 

After that we had the chance of taking of photographs, playing with more makeup :P , getting the foundations matched to our skin (so that the appropriate foundation was given to us in the goody bag :D ) and not to forget enjoy the yummy delights! :P

stuff I received in my goody bag :)

[There was also a lucky draw and the winner was to be given a makeover by none other than the sister duo of Masarrat and Nighat Misbah....and can you guess who was that lucky lady?! 
ahem...yours truly! :D   for details, you can check my insta :) ]

Masarrat Misbah makeup will be available at outlets including Agha's, Naheed, Scentsation, etc. At the moment it is available online with Cash on Delivery option nationwide. You can visit the website www.masarratmakeup.com  and don't be shocked by the amazing price range! :D

I am already in love with this foundation (silk foundation in shade 'Almond'), can't wait to try out the other goodies :)

Thanks for reading this post...have a lovely day! xx

11 April, 2015

Haul Post

Last week I went to Naheed Super market (my favorite place :-P ) to buy a few items - mainly related to skin care. You can have a peek into my shopping bag :-)



Spectrum SC Gel SPF 60 (PKR 990)




Last but not the least...some colorful hair catchers and earthy shaded hair bands.... (~ PKR 200)

Hope you enjoyed my haul post. I will be sharing my views about these products in upcoming reviews.

Have a nice weekend! xoxo